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Chinook Sciences is a British recycling-led renewable energy technology company. We specialise in developing Energy from Waste plants that use our own Advanced Thermal Treatments to transform a wide range of municipal, commercial, and industrial wastes into recovered recyclable materials, electricity and heat. Chinook invented and commercialised this technology itself, described as “End-Stage Recycling®” because it involves processing and recovering energy and recyclates – such as high value metals - from the residues of recycling operations that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration. It is capable of processing untreated “black bag” waste, and several projects under development by Chinook will use these waste streams. The technology can also process waste fuels such as RDF and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) wastes, and Chinook has recently begun operations at the world’s largest industrial waste gasification plant in the UK processing Car Shredder Residues, with capacity for 160,000 tonnes per year and total generating capacity of 40 MW. Chinook, in partnership with Bee’ah, is also developing the world’s largest municipal waste gasification plant in the Emirate of Sharjah.

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